Nadia Wasila Bt. Md Noor

Education Background :
I graduated in 2007 in Diploma of Pharmacy and in Bachelor of Occupational Therapy in 2014. I have one year clinical experience at government hospital handling patient from geriatric to paediatric. Paediatric including special needs children with learning problem and also motor problem.

Working Experience :
Currently, I have two years working experience at GlobalinkHouse International Preschool dedicating my service as a teacher in the beginning and play a role as an occupational therapy until now. Handling students of all ages from 18 months to 10 years old has provides me with vast of experiences and no doubt that student are the best teacher to learn from as well as the supportive management team that provide the constructive tools and information.

My view on learning is that play is learning, learning through play is what makes kids who they are. There is learning process through play and school environment shall provide the children with structured play environment integrate with rules, hence classroom learning process shall boost to better result to benefit the children.

Contact Us

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